This web site has been designed solely to let people have their own say on problems they maybe encountering with companies, We have in no way any connection to anyone's views on this site. And a warning to anybody putting a comment on this site, make sure what you say is very close to the truth so that you do not get called for libel or slander against any company. The voting system has been designed so that no mass multiple voting occurs, We have set a limit of 10 per session, which is a fair number for a visiter to use. All companies start at 2 out of 4 votes or 50%, so this is equal for each company.

If you think that your company has 100% UK based call centres and we have put it down as Global, then contact us first with a breakdown of where all your call centres are based and we shall amend it straight away. If you think that the write up for your company is unfair, then contact us first and we shall get it amended to a more subtle description. Some reasons for your company being described as not 100% British are that your customer support staff gave the wrong answer or it took over 40 mins to get through on the phone. If you are a company with no phone number for customer support, then I have not received a reply e-mail to confirm where your customer support is based.